Jay Backer for State Representative
Memorial Day

This year, in between the picnics, ball games, family gatherings and events typically associated with the Memorial Day holiday, don't forget to thank the veterans who have made it all possible. While we generally think of veterans as those who served in Vietnam, Korea or World War II, there are many veterans from more recent armed conflicts such as Operation Desert Storm and certainly from Iraq and Afghanistan who deserve thanks from a grateful nation. Because of their sacrifice, we've been entrusted with a democratic system of government, that while not perfect, has provided us more freedom and liberty than any other government system known to exist. That's worth celebrating, not only on Memorial Day, but throughout the year.

Jay Backer

Thank You

I cannot begin to thank you all enough for your inspiration, perspiration, and dedication. This has been a long journey for me and my family. You have all stayed with me throughout. I have made so many new wonderful friends. I have been so encourage by the spirit in all of you.

I cannot take a step further without first pausing and thanking my beautiful wife Michele. Michele, when we first decided to make this journey you joined me without reservation. Now that we have come to the end, I am all the more amazed at the sacrifices you have made and the never ending encouragement you have been to me. I love you. Thank you for being at my side.

Jacqui, Michael, Matthew, Jessaline and Julianne, you too have sacrificed. I could not be prouder of you as my children. I love you as well. Now, you get your dad back.

I truly believed in the mission set forth by you and all those who have supported me in the past few months. You must know, our work has not been in vain. We have all participated in the greatest political process ever conceived by man. We have been given by our Creator and the sacrifices of many people throughout the years this opportunity to freely express our beliefs and values through a democratic election process. We may have fallen short of our goals, but that spirit will not end today. I will continue to fight for what is good and right for our community and I encourage all of you to do the same. God bless all of you, God bless the great state of Minnesota, and God bless the United States of America.

Again, I want to thank you for your time and the help you gave to me! Also, we all had fun! I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING you have done!!!!!